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I need to put in red what has sold.

It is amazing how much I have stored in 30 years 7 months and 15 days. That is from 1st July 1987. 
I cannot take everything with me.
I am positive that wherever I go will not have the room that I had at Alfred's homestead.

I have had to sell many items.
In fact it is amazing what you find when you need to pack to move.
Years ago we hosted many wedding functions and they in those days required different coloured serviettes to match bridesmaids dresses.
It is amazing that I bought so many serviettes .
I have found 11 large boxes of serviettes.
Nearly all serviettes are now sold.

Today it seems that white is the go for weddings and so I have difficulty selling these serviettes.

Our beautiful comfortable chairs that we had made at some cost I have finally sold for nearly a song.
Most out there do not buy used chairs.
I have just 70 left to sell.
All our chairs are gone.

I have a huge amount of commercial plates large and small and it seems again no one wants to buy crockery.
I have sold many side plates soup bowls but I still have the lot of our large,small and cups and sauces of our green that we had at our reception centre years ago. They are commercial so I cannot remember any breaking.

Our beautiful Candelabra that matches our chairs all 25 of them I have up for sale at a ridiculous price and yes they are nice but who needs the whole 25.
I had a lady willing to buy the lot so I put the price up on ebay so they would not sell before she came . Well she must have seen the price increase and changed her mind.
They are now all sold.

I have manage to sell
        - wagons and old farming equipment
        - antique bellows
        - Old mangle
        - old pots and pans
        - old dressing table and mirror
        - bain maries and warmers
        - cold buffet table
        - coffee maker and grinder
        - amplifiers and speakers
        - some chandeliers
I still have 4 of the large since the chap did not come to pick up.
        - at least 12 wall lights still remain

        - I still have many large oval plates and heaps of coffee cups and sauces
        - I also have many sherry or port glasses
       and other items I really could not take to a new home.

I still have many items for sale on ebay under the name here_all.
I have too many different items of crockery so I have as yet not put them on Ebay.
If you are keen to buy then just ring Bill on 0417595722 and ask what I have.

Yesteryear we did use linen tablecloths and of course in those days it was cheaper to launder your own than hire. Today everything has changed since laundries in the main do not like laundring non hire table linen.
Well - I have quite a number of large bags full of Table cloths for tables size 2,4,6 and 8.
I also have round table cloths.

If you need tablecloths and don't mind buying bags to take home without opening the bags before you buy then please ring me,
I had a chap who wanted me to open the bags so he could buy all my table square table cloths. I told him to go home.
I may put them on ebay and call them bulk tablecloths.

I do have also 2 great large paintings that were on the walls near the fireplace by Trevor Opray.
It seems so far that perhaps I am the only one that likes them.
I suppose they could dress a couple of walls in my new home.

I also have Alfred's Homestead memmorabilia ie natch boxes,tea shirts and to my surprise Ceramic decanters with an Alfred's Homestead engraved. I only have 3 of the decanters so I may keep them if they do not sell.
The Decanters have sold to a special couple.

It is amazing what you find when you need to take everything out of an area.

I have a Liquor licence that allows me to sell on Ebay alone. I cannot sell to pick up. I need to registered mail only. I have some ports and wines for sale single bottles,doubles.triples and soon I will do the 6 bottle.
The ports are very old and yummmy. I hate to see them go but I cannot handle sweet any more.
The wines especially the reds are just devine for now drinking since they carry a bit of age.
Where can you buy a 3 pack of 1987 Jacob's Creek Claret.

All my old reds are drinking fine. Some may be a little thin on the palate but flavour and amazing vibrant fruit seem to be the norm.

If you are a wine drinker why buy to cellar drink something mature now. Some I am auctioning so if you are the sole bidder you may catch some at the starting price. The postage unfortunately is a high cost but at least it comes to you.

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The Click below to my Ebay item Wedding Candlelabra

I have quite a number of Boxes for sale. If you need tractor fed paper wellthis is for you